One place for storing call recordings from all your devices

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Three Simple Steps:

  1. Sign up.
  2. Get the Client Token.
  3. Enter the Client Token into your call recording software.

Service application


  • Easy and secure access to recordings from anywhere on any device
  • Storing recordings of conversations of mobile employees


  • Back up your data in the safe cloud
  • Recordings kept safe from fraudulent insiders
  • Single point of control of distributed offices


  • Search by filters, including all sources of recordings
  • Speech Recognition and Keyword Search

Branch structure

  • Distribution of records by branches
  • Hierarchical structure of branches
  • Differentiation of user rights


14 days of using the service and 30 minutes of speech recognition for free

A User or Administrator account for accessing the Service
$6 per month
Recording channel
Subscriber device connected to the Service
$2 per month
Storage period of 30 days*
Speech recognition in text
$0.04 per minute
Rounded to the closest 15 seconds

* Storage cost for recordings older than 30 days: $0.0002 for 1 hour a day, rounded to the closest hour. The storage period is configured in the user panel.

Get started

Please contact us: +7 (499) 322-27-41, support@sprecord.com.