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Service application

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  • Easy and secure access to recordings from anywhere on any device
  • Storing recordings of conversations of mobile employees


  • Back up your data in the safe cloud
  • Recordings kept safe from fraudulent insiders
  • Single point of control of distributed offices


  • Search by filters, including all sources of recordings
  • Speech Recognition and Keyword Search


Individual Business Enterprise
Number of recording channels 1 unlimited unlimited
Recordings storage period unlimited unlimited unlimited
Sending data over a secure SSL-connection
Double backup of stored recordings
Fast search and online playback of recordings
Mobile phone call recordings
Skype call recordings
IP PBX recordings (Asterisk, Panasonic, etc)
Recordings of analogue and digital phone lines, radio stations and microphones
Complimentary users and access rights management
Branches support
Price per day, USD * * $0.08 $0.25 $0.75

The storing of the recordings is charged separately. Price per storing 1 hour of recordings on all plans is $0,00017 per day
Speech-to-text conversion and keyword search are available. The price of speech recognition on all plans is $0,034 per minute

* Only days with actual connections to the service are charged. If recordings were not uploaded or the web interface was not used, no charges are made.
** Rounding up to the closest minute.

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